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Birthday Party - Laser Tag and Axe Throwing

1 Game of Laser Tag and an Hour of Axe Throwing Party

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Laser Tag & Axe Throwing Party Includes:

 Each additional Laser Tag Playing Guest - $11 + tax (up to 10 additional)
 Each additional Non Playing Guest - $3 + tax (up to 4 additional)

  • 8 Laser Tag Playing Guests
  • 6 Axe Throwing Playing Guests
  • 6 Non-Playing Guests
  • 1 Game of Laser Tag for 8 Playing Guests
  • 1 Hour of Axe Throwing for 6 Playing Guests
  • Dedicated Party Host
  • Use of Party Room
  • Use of Game Room and Free Play Games

Additonal Party Details:

How Long is my party? You will have use of our party and game room for a 2 hour peroid.

How Many People Can Attend the Party? Your party includes 8 Playing Guests and 6 Non-Playing Guests. See information below on adding additional Guests.

Who are Playing Guests? Playing Guests are those that will be playing Laser Tag. See age restrictions below for Laser Tag and Axe Throwing.

Can I Add-On additional Playing Guests? You can add up to 10 additional Laser Tag Playing Guests (as long as there are 10 additional Laser Tag Slots Available) for $11 + tax.

How many Playing Guests will participate in Axe Throwing? Our axe throwing area is limited up to 6 Playing Guests per hour. See the age restrictions for Axe Throwing Players. Unfortunately we can not add additional players during that hour period. If you wish to add an additional hour of Axe Throwing, please reserve your party and note in the comment section that you would like to add an additional hour of Axe Throwing. 

Who are Non-Playing Guests? Non-Playing Guests are those attending the party that will not be playing Laser Tag and Mini Golf. These guests will join your group in our game and party room, they just won't join in on the laser tag and mini golf games.

Are there Age Restrictions for those Playing Laser Tag and Axe Throwing? Playing Guests age 7 and older can play on their own. If you have Playing Guests that are 5 or 6 years old, they MUST have a Playing Guest that is an adult 18 years of age or older that plays along side them. One Adult Playing Guest for each Playing Guest that is 5 or 6 years old. Unfortunately those under the age of 5 are unable to play Laser Tag. Please assure that when choosing the amount of Playing Guests in your package to consider how many adult Playing Guests will needed to play along with the 5 and 6 year olds attending your party.

For Axe throwing, the Player must be atleast the age of 12. For all players under the age of 18, a legal guardian must be present during the axe throwing session, which begins 15 minutes after your party start time. 

Are Waivers Required?: A waiver is required for everyone who will participate in Axe Throwing. If the player is under the age of 18, a legal guardian must sign on their behalf and then remain onsite during the axe throwing session. Do Not Sign our online waiver! You will sign a paper waiver onsite prior to your axe throwing session. Waivers are not required for laser tag. 

Will we be playing Laser Tag with other customers? If there are remaining laser tag spots open, it is possible that your group will play along with other customers. 


When can I arrive for my party? You may arrive 10 minutes prior to your start time. Please do not arrive ealier as space is limited in our lobby.


Is there a deposit required when booking a party? A $100 deposit is required when booking your party. This deposit is applied toward the amount owed for your party package. Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to your party date for your deposit to be returned. After 14 days, the deposit amount is non-refundable.

Is food included in my party package? Food is not included, but you may bring in items such as sandwiches, cake, ice cream and drinks. You may order pizza to be delivered as long as it is scheduled to be delivered 45 minutes after your party start time. Your games are scheduled in our booking system and cannot be scheduled at a different time. 

Can I bring in decorations, clowns, photo booths? You are welcome to bring in balloons, table decorations, tablecloths, plates, cups and napkins if you prefer a theme. Please no noise makers, sparklers, confetti, glitter or decorations that need to be attached to walls. We provide a solid colored table cloth, plates, napkins & cups. Decorations can be set up when you arrive at your party start time. The kids will be playing in our game room during the first part of your party allowing time for decorating. Unfortunately we can't allow you to come in early as other customers will be using our party area. Please no clowns, photo booths, etc. as our party schedule is full and there is not time for outside activities.

What games are in the game room and do we have to pay extra for them? A foosball table and air hocket table are included in your package.

What is the scheule for my party?
First 30 minutes: Check in, kids play in game room
Playing guests will then play a game of Laser Tag.

After Laser Tag, 6 Playing guests will then play Axe Throwing while the other attendees play in our game room.

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